Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and Upholstery CleaningWe do professional carpet and upholstery cleaning using the Santoemma System for the best results.


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning System
We make use of a Santoemma Professional System with a power brush and Carpet/Upholstery blower. The Grace is a professional carpet/upholstery extractor with 2 high-waterlift vacuum motors for the fast cleaning of large areas of carpet or upholstery. It's high-waterlift vacuum system allows for the recovery of the maximum quantity of dirt from the carpet/upholstery and the shortest drying time possible. The two tanks, 701t each, enable long periods of operation without emptying or refilling. Dedicated brackets allow for hanging hoses and the wand on the machine. This enables the operator to move the complete machine easily from site to site.


Carpet & Upholstery: Injection-extraction cleaning
A solution of water and chemical is sprayed into the fibers of the textile and immediately sucked. The solution and the dirt removed are recovered in the machine body. When cleaning textiles, the drying time after vacuuming strongly depends on the vacuum strength. Specially designed High Waterlift vacuum motors are equipped on Santoemma machines, allowing to get up to 50% higher waterlift than standard extractors. This results in an extermely shorter drying time than with normal machines. Not only the drying time is reduces, but also a better cleaning result is obtained, since the extra solution extracted from fibers contains extra dirt removed from the surface. The same residual dirty solution, if left evaporating on textiles as it normally happens, would leave the surface not so clean as with the high waterlift machines.


The ST810 Blower can be used after cleaning to accelerate the evaporation of any moisture left in the carpet or upholstery. The carpet/upholstery can be totally dry in a very short time. The features of the ST810 include low-noise, high power (1 Hp) and 3 working speeds. The integrated handle allows easy transportation from site to site.



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